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If you are looking for a math tutor for yourself or for your child, Wyzant is a great place to find a math tutor near you who fits your needs and with whom you can have confidence in. Simply click on the image below and browse the profiles of math tutors who live in or near your zipcode (you can specify the zipcode). After narrowing down your search to suitable tutors, you can e-mail them for further information to continue your evaluation process. After selecting a tutor and getting the first lesson, if you are not completely happy, you can request a refund for the first hour of tutoring. This way you get to try out any tutor at absolutely no risk to you!

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Getting assistance from a math tutor can help you or your child with more than just problem-solving strategies and technqiues. A math tutor can help a student to develop study skills as well as exam and test prep' skills that that will have a long-term, wide-reaching effect. These skills will improve the way a student learns all kinds of materials in terms passive and active memory techniques, as well as note-taking skills. The math tutor's experience can enhance the student's problem-solving skills because he or she can point out and focus on issues, misunderstandings, and difficulties that are commonly confronted for a given topic. Everybody is different and different people often benefit from different modes of explanation and presentation of a topic. The same math problem explained and presented in different ways to the same person can have dramatically different effects on the student in terms of understanding and mastering the problem, its solution, and the topic in general. It goes without saying that a math tutor can help a great deal by virtue of being able to spend time one-on-one with the student and tailor explanations and presentations of topics and problems in ways that are highly optimized for a given student.

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A math tutor can also help a student enhance his or her performance in exams and tests by making and grading simulated (or “mock”) exams, given to the student to be completed strictly under timed test conditions. These simulated exams enable problem areas to be pinpointed and fixed before the real exam is taken and these practice tests are extremely powerful for bringing out the full potential of student. Finding a math tutor who has particular experience with standardized tests and/or multiple-choice tests, such as the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and GED, to name only a few is important if you are taking any of these, because unqiue and different skills are required to maximize your score, compared to tackling non-multiple-choice problems.

Home  Book Preview US/UK school conversion chart Tutoring Tips

Find Local Math Tutors

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