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Welcome to the website for the book “What Can I Do to Help My Child with Math When I Don't Know Any Myself? ” The website contains pointers to supporting resources and tools that will be useful supplementary material to the book, although the website should be helpful in its own right as an aid to any student or teacher of math.

Do you want to help your kids with math but feel frustrated because you think you have to be able to do the problems yourself? Success in mathematics is critical at every stage of a student's educational journey at school. Parents are eager to know how they can help their children with math, but express concern that they are already overstretched with work, family, and other committments. Many parents also feel that they have themselves forgotten all but the most elementary math that they learned in school, and simply do not have the time to learn it all again. There is thus a sense of guilt and frustration, but this is really unfounded because there is no precedent for being able to recall much of the math covered in school if it has not been used for years. You may be surprised, despite being an overworked parent "with a life," by just how much you can do to help your kids with math, without having to learn all the material again yourself.

You don't have to “know it all.” Get the benefit of years of tutoring experience at your fingertips. In the book, “What Can I Do to Help My Child with Math?” I have written down what I have learned from over a quarter of century of experience with tutoring and mentoring students in math. I will show you how you can help your kids improve their performance in math (from 1st grade all the way up to 12th grade) in a multitude of different ways, including mastering critical exam preparation techniques. I place emphasis on building intuition as a pivotal foundational factor for success in math that also has lifelong benefits. I also cover how to get affordable tutoring help, and how to best leverage a limited tutoring budget. My hope with this book is that, without having to relearn all the math yourself, you will be empowered enough to make a significant difference to your child's success in math.

Evaluate a preview of the book. If you wish to find out more about the book please take a look at the reviews (from links on the home page), the Google books preview, or the Bookbuzzr preview. Then take a look at the site map to get an idea about what you can find on this website and familiarize yourself with navigating your way around it. The internet has a vast, bewildering number of "math-related" websites, covering a huge range in academic level. The quality of "math-related" websites is highly variable, from very bad to excellent. I have expended considerable effort sifting through and evaluating a large number of websites in order to put together a robust suite of tools and resources that cover the basic needs of parents, students, and tutors. All of the pointers on this website refer to free resources (there are many more materials on the internet that are not free). Although the internet resources have been hand-picked, I have not evaluated every single item on those websites and I do not necessarily endorse everything on the third-party websites that I have recommended here.

Parents who are following the book will find the tools and resources on this website useful for directing the student to the appropriate pointers for online tutorials, reference materials, dictionaries, and math-help forums. The pointers are organized very roughly by academic level and cover enough breadth and depth to be useful to students either as supplementary material for troublesome topics and/or issues, or as quick memory joggers for reviewing for exams and tests. If you are a homeschooling parent, a tutor (especially if you are just starting out), or a parent who wants to participate more in the technical aspects of helping your child with math, then I recommend in addition that you read my tutoring tips.

If you are looking for a math tutor, clicking the image below is an excellent place to start: you can find tutors who are based near you, read their profiles, and send an e-mail to those who seem promising to you. If you are not completely satisfied, your first hour with the tutor is refundable.

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For parents, students, and tutors who are not based in the US, I have made an approximate conversion chart showing the correspondences between school grade levels in the US system, school "year" in the UK system, and student age.

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